Villa “ Kardous AELIA”  in Skopelos 


AELIA... The place were your dream comes true....

The Skopelos scenery: pinewood, olive grove, Aegean air and scents of herbs and shrubs. 2 klms from Panormo, in the area of Ditropo, a property of about 40 acres, overlooks a complex of three independent, traditional houses within dividual pools named Kardous Villas.
This is a family dream that took shape following perfectly the island architecture and colors of nature. In this shelter nothing prevents the view of the forest.

AELIA...The name denotes our endless love for the lush light we would like to share with you.

A newly built villa, 160 m2, in harmony with nature, which was made with respect to architectural proportions and the Mediterranean colors.
A house that due to the olive color succeeds in perfect harmony with the naturalenvironment. Discreet luxury atmosphere in the green area of the island. All tangible goods bow under the splendor of nature which fills you with confidence that all expectations can be realized .....

Large volumes and simple forms are starring for private pleasures.

The house is separated into three independent primary tumors placed on the same axis, forming an open "hug" towards the good orientation (South), while offering the ability to view the pinewoods.
The overall shape of the villa is characterized by the existence of three separate volumes, one with two floors while the other two with ground floors, offering an interesting structure.

The ground floor consists of the most areas of the villa: the living room, dining room, kitchen, shared bathroom and two bedrooms with separate bathrooms.

The master bedroom is situated next to the kitchen and the other dedicated to welcome people with disabilities near the lounge.

The staircase is placed next to the kitchen leading to the first floor where there is the second master bedroom with its bathroom, as well as the fourth bedroom with its own bathroom.

All four independent bedrooms with their bathrooms have cross ventilation through many openings that achieve the natural cool of the premises during the hot summer months and optical leaves to the open horizon with an emphasis on simplicity.

The oblong 12x4m waterfall infinity pool where the water falls into a canal, lined with mosaic and marble, dominates the area creating an absolutely impressive and endless blue sensation.