Villa “ Kardous Pine Trees ”  in Skopelos

….The Greek relaxed summer feeling !!!

The vanity illusory glow has no place here.


All are naturally unpretentious composing a home with special virtues for 5 people.
Here the warmth is not negotiated.

Pine Trees….Thrifty design and respect for local values, serving a leisurely scene subordinated to the island philosophy for the joy of life.

The most impressive part of the house is the garden which stands at levels and hosts herbs, trees and shrubs.
Simple designs and low tones characterize the interior of this small villa.
Made with humbleness and passion almost magical in its simplicity, the Pine Trees, 2 km from Panormo and 8 km from Skopelos, supports the saying "Pan Metron Ariston" of the ancient Greeks.
Minimalism with Aegean breeze, Greek colors and island tradition inspired the owners to radical renovation and added an individual swimming pool 4x8m with a colorful mosaic, to give it a extroversion element.

For the decoration they consciously chose a relaxed cafe-style tables and chairs, director's chairs, comfortable wing chairs, rugs from grandmother’s chest, cool coverings and airy curtains.
Particular attention was given to the flow of spaces that are consolidated by the use of materials such as metal, stone, wood and provide a sense of comfort and freedom of movement, having been equipped with only the essential.

At the end of the field among pine trees the Pine Trees, daily enjoys the magic of Skopelos landscape, acting as a base and refuge for both residents and their friends.

A common place where the past balances the future and the traditional architecture becomes a reference point for the modern welfare !!!

The favorite meeting point of the residents and their friends, are the exterior areas.
The only difficult part is to choose your favorite point: the covered terrace, the flowering corners near the pool, the stone-built seating with the colorful cushions or the shady pine corners.